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There is no pass or fail and all children receive a certificate which shows how many shields they have received (out of a maximum of five) for each part of the test.

A Pre A1 Starters certificate is a great way to celebrate children’s achievement, build their confidence and reward their own individual ability.

A result of one shield means a child can improve a lot in that skill. Five shields mean that a child did very well in that skill and answered most questions correctly.

The back of the certificate shows how results align to the CEFR. If a child has achieved 4 or 5 shields in each skill, they are ready to start preparing for the next Cambridge English exam - 


A new Statement of Results

For exams taken from 1 September 2020, each student will receive a certificate and a Statement of Results.

The Statement of Results includes:

  • the number of shields they have received for each part of the test

  • information on their strengths

  • areas for improvement

  • and ideas on how to improve.

Take a look at an example Statement of Results.

How do I access the Statement of Results?

Schools and parents will be able to access learner results directly through their preparation centre and our Online Results Service as soon as they’re available.

  • Preparation centres will need to be registered by their exam centre before they can access the Online Results Service. If you do not have access to this, please contact us

  • Parents and learners can access their Statement of Results on our free Online Results Service for candidates. Please contact us and we will provide the registration details.

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